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PEMA Horizontal Flange Fitting station (PEMA HFF) – New machine addition

LYKOMITROS STEEL S.A. is continuing it’s grow and adds both, new people and equipment. So is proud to announce a new purchase, adding  to the equipment line of it’s machinery. This new addition will not only expand capacity, but also enhance capabilities. The addition of this new machine will add...

Lykomitros Steel S.A. New Facilities

In 2018, LYKOMITROS STEEL S.A. acquired NEW facilities, with 28.000m² covered area and 70.000m² uncovered area.  The New facilities of Lykomitros Steel S.A. is 5Km from the main facilities and the scope is to fulfill the requirements of Lykomitros Steel S.A. with new production line such as Assembly welding and...

Participation in Inside Oil&Gas Magazine 2017

Lykomitros Steel S.A., in 2017, with honor participated in “Inside Oil & Gas” Magazine and proudly stated the variety of design, fabrication and installation projects across a range of industrial fields, including Energy (Onshore and Offshore Platforms, Desert Rigs, Power Plants and Mud Tank Systems), Civil Engineering, Infrastructure and Industrial...