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The industrialization will be performed with steel that it’s quality will be strictly according to the project’s technical specifications.

The industrialization of the project during all of it’s phases will be closely monitored by our established quality systems.

Our company has chartered engineers in all fields of expertise that are specialized in building and bridge steel constructions who are going to have the overall supervision and coordination of the project. All our engineers will be available to the client’s engineers.

Modernized production line: Highly automated machinery are employed in the fabrication process (highlights):

  • Automatic variable height drawn arc customized beam welding plant (maximum dimensions 1250×3300)

The assembly of custom cross section beams (main girders and connection beams), is executed on the automatic welding machine (height 3,3 m x width 1,25m) following by the weld of the machine to the desired welding thicknesses. The pre-camber of the main of the cross section beams (whenever it is necessary) is going to be given by their web which is going to be cut to the exact figure. The flanges of the cross section beams through the use of the welding machine’s vertical pressure application will follow the web and give the desired pre-camber. The transversal hydraulic plungers will ensure the verticality of the web to flange welds avoiding any distortions during this process. Dimensional and visual inspection follows up after the weld according to EN 1011-2, DIN EN 1090-2 (D2 Class 2), Assembly Procedure (OE_3) and Assembly Parts Application Instruction.
The custom beams are going to be thoroughly checked by the quality control and then transported on the assembly department for the additional remaining parts (stiffeners, studs).

  • Automatic Submerged ArcWelding Machine 5X5 Boom Electrical Moving & Electrical rotation, Twin Wire and single wire head, ST2 E 200MMX200MM SLIDE CARRIEGE It can be used for the welding of plates and tubes despite the quality of the material ( that means that it can be welded black plates/tubes and galvanized plates/tubes) without any limitation in thickness.
  • Welding Technique: Drip Spray arc
  • Computer numerical control machinery for oxy cutting utilizing the oxy – propane or plasma technology.
  • Controlled drilling and punching machinery for plates and sections.
  • Bending plant (Plate bending machine 220t with clear maximum width of 3600).
  • Automatic Sand Blasting Machine – Width 2500
  • All welds are performed by qualified welders (EN287) with semi-automatic MAG welding machines.
  • The welding checks are performed in accordance to the EN ISO5817 and always according to the preformed quality plan that our quality assurance department will provide.
  • Crane bridges

Please visit the equipment section for more details