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LYKOMITROS STEEL SA management bears executive responsibility for health and safety of the employees and is committed to take all the required actions to improve the conditions and the performance of health and safety manner, in order to ensure the protection of life being and the health of all employees, including Subcontractors, Suppliers, Visitors and Third Parties entering the company’s facilities, as well as on construction sites where work is on progress, as defined by the provisions and requirements of Greek and European legislation.

The health and safety of the employees is the primary concern of LYKOMITROS STEEL SA management.

In order to achieve and maintain its policy on the Health and Safety at Work, the Company allocates adequate resources (manpower and equipment), appointing qualified staff who possesses the necessary knowledge and know-how at all the departments of the company.

The management provides all the means necessary for the training of the staff in health and safety, allocating tasks and responsibilities within the company, and motives for participation of all the employees to minimize unsafe actions and working conditions, in order each employee involved in the processes of the company to assist both individually and collectively to improve the working environment.

The ultimate target of LYKOMITROS STEEL SA is the implemetation of any project under the best conditions in quality and time, without any work accident or incident that would harm any employee’s health.

The policy and the objectives of LYKOMITROS STEEL on health and safety of the employees must be followed by all the staff, at each management level within the company, and all together by recognizing their individual risks at their workplace, to contribute improving the performance of the Health & Safety at Work Management System.