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CEO - Lykomitros Vasileios

Mr. Vasileios Lykomitros professional activities on steel construction industry has started in 1983. He was one of the founding members in one of the major steel constructions companies in Greece. The experience he has gained thgrough these years on the implementation of projects from various managerials and technical positions was the milestone to found LYKOMITROS STEEL S.A. in 2006.

Vice President - Christos Lykomitros, BEng Civil Engineer, UEL.

Mr. Christos Lykomitros serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors of Lykomitros Steel SA and holds the company’s key position of project management, overlooking also the financial operations. He has participated in many steel constructions forums and exhibitions and has gained valuable experience at any stage of project implementation, from procurement through installation.

Production Manager - Evangelos Lykomitros, BEng Civil Engineer, UEL.

Mr. Evangelos Lykomitros serves as the Production Manager of Lykomitros Steel SA. This sensitive position overlooks daily production of the company at any division (Programming/Cutting, Assembly and Welding Divisions). Among his duties are also installation operations of the company’s projects.